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Call Us Today!
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Pest Control

With Scott’s Lawn Care Inc., you get a locally owned company that is providing services to other homes in your area. You also get the advantage of working with a small business and an owner/operator who works with his employees, therefore preserving the benefits of personalized service.

Exterior Insect Control

Most lawn care companies don’t offer any type of exterior insect control that is unrelated to your lawn. At Scott’s Lawn Care Inc., we are proud to say that we do! Our technicians carry either a master or journeyman license with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture as Structural Pest Control Applicators. All technicians go through a hiring process that includes a background check and a training process, including Integrated Pest Management. At the time of application, a report will be left at your door letting you know the time, date, weather conditions and products applied to your home and property. The report will also let you know any ways the technician found to prevent pest harborage. If you have any insect related concerns, just give us a call and we will set up a time to inspect your property.

Committed to Quality
Please be assured that quality is as important to me as it is to you, as I will continually strive to earn your confidence and show you we are everything you are looking for in an outdoor maintenance company. SLC offers a quality guarantee that includes QARs. 

Our Goals
We can all agree that the best way to handle pests of all kinds, is by keeping them out in the first place. This begins at the edge of your property. With our Mosquito and Tick regular service program, we will treat any wild areas at the edge of your property, as well as all trees, shrubs and perennials. This will prevent all unwanted insects from making your backyard their home and feeding grounds. Next is your home, the number one step to keeping pests of all kinds out is through exclusion. This means keeping an eye on all parts of the physical structure of your home for any points of entry for pests. While our pest technician is treating your home, they will also be examining the structure for any points of entry and let you know their findings in the report left at the door. However those darn insects always seem to find their way in somehow, even with the tightest of structures. This is why Scott’s Lawn Care offers the Exterior Structural Insect Control regular service program. We will treat around the foundation, including ornamentals near the structure, as well as first level windows and under soffits to keep insects from creating harborage on and in your home. Let Scott’s Lawn Care take care of the insects while offering you piece of mind!
Mosquitos and Ticks
Living in Minnesota, we all know how frustrating mosquitos and ticks can be. On top of the normal itchy frustrations, they transmit diseases like west nile virus and limes disease. Combine our mosquito and tick program with our Exterior Structural Insect Control program and you’ll be enjoying your yard wondering why you waited so long to give us a call!
Boxelder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles
Remember seeing these guys in your home late winter or early spring. The only way to keep that from happening is by getting your home treated with our Exterior Structural Insect Control program’s fall treatment to keep them out before they find a place to over winter within the structure.
Stinging Insects
Insects like paper wasps and mud daubers like to make their homes on the exterior of yours. The best way to prevent that from happening is by getting the exterior of your home treated regularly.
Honey Bees
Scott’s Lawn Care will not fatally treat beneficial pollinators such as honey bees. This is due to our commitment to protecting the environment. We do however have a bee keeper on staff, so if you notice a nest on your property, give us a call, we’d be happy to give our honey bee friends a new home!
Some can be destructive like carpenter ants, but most are just annoying! In the second step of the Exterior Structural Insect Control program, comes an exterior barrier treatment. This hand applied treatment can last up to six months and is effective in controlling ants and keeping them out of your home.
Services Offered:
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Clean Ups
  • Landscape Weed Control
  • Mulching of Beds
  • Flower Planting
  • Snowplowing
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance
  • Trash & Tree Debris Pick Up
  • Fertilizing & Weed Control
  • Tree & ShrubsTrimming
  • Seeding & Sod installation
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Ice Control
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