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Call Us Today!
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Maintenance Services

Weekly maintenance services include:  Mowing, string trimming, power blowing, trash and minor debris pick up.

Mowing of all designated areas will be cut to a height of 3 inches throughout the season. The cutting height will be lowered in the fall. All mowing will be done with commercial-sized, walk-behind or riding mowers. Small push mowers will not be used unless specified in the contract. Note: Mowing charges are based on grass areas being free of toys, games and etc.
Clippings Bagged
At the customer’s request for an additional charge, all clippings will be bagged throughout the season during each mowing to keep your lawn looking great and to help prevent turf damage.
String Trimming
Trimming around buildings, trees, poles and other obstacles will be provided weekly whether or not mowing is needed.
Power Blowing
Walks, patios, landscaping and driveways will be blown off weekly whether or not mowing is needed.
Trash & Minor Tree Debris Pick Up
Trash and minor tree debris will be picked up weekly whether or not mowing is needed.  Employees of SLC will not enter any pond, lake, wetland or dangerous area to pick up trash and/or debris. Any major and/or storm debris is not included and will be billed out at an additional charge.
Spring Clean Up
Debris will be power blown and cleaned out of rock beds, landscaping, etc. The lawn will be dethatched where it's needed, mowed and trimmed. Debris will be placed in natural areas when available. If debris is hauled away by SLC, an additional charge will be applied to the billing.
Fall Clean Up
Fall clean up consists of two visits that will start approximately the third week in October, depending on the season. During each of these visits, you will receive all turf maintenance services needed and the clippings/leaves will be bagged and/or mulched. During the final visit, which will be approximately the last week of October or the first week of November, leaves will be power blown out of rock beds, landscaping, etc. Debris will be placed in natural areas when available. If debris is hauled away by SLC, an additional charge will be applied to the billing.
Shrub Trimming
Not all shrubs can be trimmed at the same time. Different varieties of shrubs need to be trimmed at different times throughout the season. Scott's Lawn Care has the knowledge and capability of completing this at the appropriate times.
Tree Trimming
Trees will be trimmed up to approximately 15 ft. Trees need to be trimmed on a regular 1 to 4 year schedule.
Re-mulching of Beds
Re-mulching of areas that are thin will freshen the look and help control weeds. Recommended: 1 to 2 year schedule.
Sod/Seed/Dirt Repair
We will fix dead spots and sunken and thin areas in your turf.
Flower Planting
We will install annual flowers to bring beautiful color to your property. 
We have trucks and trailers. We will get rid of almost anything you don’t want.
SLC guarantees to perform quality work according to industry standards and reasonable customer expectations in a professional manner. Every job completed by SLC will have a Quality Assurance Report (QAR) completed by a company representative and left at the customer’s residence. This is the customer’s opportunity to let us know how our service is. If the customer does not agree with our service, the customer should not sign off on the QAR report and contact our office for immediate attention. If the customer does not return the signed QAR report to our office and we have not been contacted by the customer with any concerns within 48 hours after job completion, we will consider the completed job acceptable by the customer and expect payment as stated above. The purpose of this system is to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction with SLC.
Fertilizer License

Commercial Applicators

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