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Call Us Today!
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Fertilizing Services

Not all lawn care companies and their applications are the same. During each of our applications you will receive fertilizer and weed control, not just one or the other. At the time of your application a report will be left at your door on the condition of your turf and any recommendations that we might have. This report will also let you know the time and what was applied during this application. All lawn technicians are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and also go through a hiring process that includes a background check. If you have any concerns about your lawn, just give us a call and we will set up a time to inspect your property.
We use a custom blended granular fertilizer to maintain the proper nutrients that your lawn needs and we apply the right amount and at the right times of the growing season. Our custom fertilizer with time release can improve both the color and density of your lawn, making it less prone to weeds, lawn diseases and other insects.
Weed Control

In our custom weed control, we include a pre emergent and postemergent for control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds. This can prevent and treat weeds before they have a chance to overrun and destroy the beauty of your lawn. Proper mowing height and watering is also helpful in controlling weeds in your lawn.

Fall Core Aeration
Core aeration is a means of opening up the lawn from compaction it receives during the summer. It also breaks up the thatch layers and keeps the thatch to the proper thickness. These holes allow water, air and fertilizer to spread into the root zone. These cores eventually dissolve into your your lawn, which helps the thatch breakdown process.
Fall Overseeding
Following our aeration, we recommend our overseeding as a great way to get more drought and disease resistant grasses incorporated in to your lawn. Overseeding also helps to thicken up your lawn in areas where it might be thinning due to many different reasons.
Insect Control
If your lawn is showing signs of insect damage, we can inspect your property and advise you of our effective treatments to control lawn insects before they have a chance to inflict any long-term damage to your lawn. We can also apply insect control to prevent insects like grubs, ants and etc before they can do any damage to your lawn.
Turf Disease Control
Your lawn is vulnerable to many harmful fungus diseases like noricate ring spot, Red Thread and leaf spot. A healthy, flourishing lawn is the best protection, but if a fungus type disease does appear in your lawn, we would work with you to help keep the disease under control.
Soil Testing
The best way to determine if your soil is getting the required nutrients for a healthy plant growth is to have a soil test. For an additional fee, we will test your soil for pH and nutrient levels.
Fertilizer License

Commercial Applicators

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